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The bizili community

If you sign up for bizili, you are definitely not alone

98% of Belgium’s top 500 companies (across all sectors) already have bizili, as does the majority of major public institutions.

More than 63,000 companies and self-employed people have signed up for bizili (under the old name ‘combined licence’) on Reprobel’s declaration portal in 2023.

Another 17,000 enterprises are covered by a sectoral agreement with centralised payment related to bizili.

Through bizili, Reprobel is the global No 1 in collections per capita for business licensing in the private and public sectors, ahead of Switzerland and the Nordic countries. In absolute figures, Reprobel is No 4 in this domain, after the US, the UK and France.

So don’t wait and join the bizili club!

Sectoral agreements

(with promo code or centralised payment)