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How do I arrange bizili?

Reprobel writes to you as a company or institution in the first quarter of each year for your declaration to Reprobel. (This declaration is essentially obligatory within the framework of the reprography regulation). In the declaration request, you will find your individual login for the portal declaration. On the Reprobel declaration portal, you choose bizili. We have already pre-filled your data as much as possible, so that the portal declaration can be completed in less than 15 minutes. By the way, we have redesigned our portal so that it is not only prettier but also much easier and clearer.

If you have received an bizili promo code from your sector organisation, enter it on your portal declaration. The discount will be settled immediately on your invoice.

If you are a large company or institution (with more than 100 employees or officials on Belgian territory), you can conclude a group agreement on bizili with Reprobel. This convenient agreement replaces the individual portal declarations per company, institution or establishment. 98% of the top 500 Belgian companies and the majority of large public institutions have concluded an bizili group agreement.