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Why bizili?

As a company or institution, you need a legal licence (art. XI.165 Code of Economic Law) to use copyrighted texts and images. The licence obligation applies to the following acts related to protected works:

The licence obligation applies to the following acts related to protected works:

  • Digital copies, e.g. copying an interesting article from the internet onto your laptop, smartphone, tablet, server, hard disk or USB stick.

  • Digital citations, e.g. quoting a few paragraphs of a protected source text in some advice to a client.

  • Digital internal communication, e.g. sharing an interesting article internally with colleagues via e-mail or intranet or sharing a funny cartoon internally with colleagues in a WhatsApp group.

  • Digital external communication, e.g. forwarding an interesting article to a customer, a supplier, the government or an external accountant or lawyer.

  • Presentations, both internal and external and both virtual (via Zoom/Teams, etc.) or physical

  • Digital archiving

  • Scans

  • Prints

However, the internet really is a jungle of millions of protected texts and images. You often cannot find who the rights holder is, or where to contact them. By the way, the rights holder may also be foreign. Many protected works are also out of print. Licensing terms are hard to find online or might be written in an incomprehensible legal jargon.

As a company or institution, you often do not have a good overview of what your employees are doing online. And arranging copyright is not your core business – you just don’t have the time for it.

Trying to arrange copyright individually in the digital world is therefore often a hopeless task. With bizili, you arrange this centrally through Reprobel, for Belgian and foreign source works and for all your employees. The very broad licence coverage and user friendliness have already convinced more than 80,000 Belgian companies and institutions to sign up for bizili.