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What does bizili cover?

bizili is one of the broadest digital licences in Europe. That’s no promo talk.

  • Digital copies

  • Digital citations

  • Digital internal communication

  • Digital external communication if 1-to-1 or 1-to-few (limited group of recipients in the context of an assignment or project)

  • Internal presentations, both virtual and physical

  • Prints

  • Scans

  • Photocopies under the legal licence for reprography (without surcharge)

  • Acts for which a licence is available on the market (Copiepresse, Licence2Publish, databases, etc.)

  • Use of sheet music (SEMU)
  • External communication if it is 1-to-many (e.g. a digital newsletter or a promotional campaign)

  • Publication on social media or a public website

  • External presentations

  • Use of more than 1 chapter or more than 10% of a book

  • Use of works by Hergé (except for photocopies)

  • Activities of copy shops (a separate licence is available for them)

  • Use of works for text & data mining or generative artificial intelligence
  • Acts that may impair the normal exploitation of a work, such as stopping or limiting current subscriptions

  • Works that do not belong to the national and international repertoire of Reprobel

A model of the bizili licence agreement can be found here.