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What is bizili?

bizili is the new name of Reprobel’s combined licence. In this video, you will discover our convenient licence in a minute and a half.

The easy copyright business licence for today’s digital world.

bizili is exactly what the name says: an easy copyright business licence that offers you maximum protection.

bizili is Reprobel’s digital copyright licence for companies, the self-employed, liberal professions, non-profit organisations and public institutions. For the private and public sector, in other words.

We developed bizili specifically for the digital world and for working from home.

Already more than 80,000 Belgian companies and institutions are covered by bizili through a portal declaration, an individual licence agreement or a sector agreement with centralised payment.

bizili arranges in one convenient bundle both digital reproduction/communication and paper reproductions of copyrighted texts and images. Specifically, it covers professional literature, scientific works, educational works, fiction and non-fiction, press articles, quotes, song lyrics, photos, illustrations, cartoons and other visual works.

bizili’s very broad licence coverage can be found here. The licence is all you can eat within the licence limits. So you no longer have to arrange copyright individually with the rights holder(s), and that for all your employees.

bizili’s tariffs can be found here. These tariffs are tailored to your sector and workforce.

bizili arranges the use of works of more than 60,000 Belgian authors in all genres, and of more than 400 Belgian publishers from large to small. But the licence also covers an almost worldwide selection of foreign source works. For this, Reprobel has concluded more than 40 agreements with foreign partner organisations. bizili is Made in Belgium, Powered by the World.