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How much does bizili cost?

bizili rates are tailored to your business activity (via your nacebel code) and to your number of relevant staff in FTEs (in principle, all white-collar workers on your in-house payroll, although justified deviations are possible). More information on the tariff categories and the notion of “relevant FTE” can be found in Reprobel’s Collection and Pricing Rules (art. 5 § 3 and 6).”

bizili rates as from reference year 2023 (per reference year, VAT 6% exclusive)

Tariff category I

40 EUR

Tariff category II

46 EUR

Tariff category III

52 EUR

Tariff category I

58 EUR

Tariff category II

75 EUR

Tariff category III

98 EUR

Tariff category I
29 EUR basic fee + 14 EUR per relevant FTE
Tariff category II
29 EUR basic fee + 20 EUR per relevant FTE
Tariff category III
29 EUR basic fee + 29 EUR per relevant FTE
Centralised payment

15 EUR per administrative or equivalent FTE

Non-centralised payment

17 EUR per administrative or equivalent FTE

Tariff category I (private sector): e.g. traditional industries, retail, transport and logistics, temporary employment, agricultural and food sector, catering and travel sector, care sector (excl. medical liberal professions), …
Tariff category II (private sector): e.g. (bio)pharmaceutical, finance, consultancy, social secretariats, professional training for profit, creative industries, information and marketing sector including market research, lotteries and betting, accountants and auditors, architects, engineers and certification services, medical liberal professions, federations and associations, commercial laboratories and research centres, …
Tariff category III (private sector): legal liberal professions (e.g. lawyers, notaries public, bailiffs) and similar legal services (e.g. legal consultants / freelancers, trademark and patent offices…)

the bizili billing terms and conditions can be found here.

More than 50 sector agreements

Reprobel has concluded more than 50 sector agreements with regard to bizili. If you have received a promo code through your sector organisation, you will receive an attractive discount on the bizili rate. If you sign up for bizili for the first time, we will give you an additional discount.

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bizili tariffs

bizili tariffs are verified in advance by the Control Unit for Collecting Societies at the Ministry of Economy (Article XI.272 of the Code of Economic Law). Our licence fees are based on a limited surcharge for digital use on top of the standard tariffs for photocopies set by Ministerial Decree.