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bizili by Reprobel. The easy copyright licence for your business. 

bizili is the new name of Reprobel’s combined licence.
bizili is the easy copyright licence for today’s digital world. Already more than 80,000 Belgian companies and public institutions enjoy bizili’s broad licence coverage and ease of use.

10 advantages of bizili

  • Copyright neatly arranged, with just a few clicks
  • One of the most extensive digital licences in Europe
  • For Belgian source works and a worldwide repertoire
  • All you can eat within the licence limits
  • No risk of inspections and penalties
  • Attractive licence fees
  • Only paying for relevant employees
  • Your reprography declaration is included
  • Fair P(l)ay – what you pay goes to authors and publishers
  • Made in Belgium – you actively support the Belgian creative and information sector

bizili in figures


More than 80,000 Belgian companies and institutions already have bizili


bizili has 98% market coverage among the top 500 Belgian companies


More than 50 bizili sector agreements


nr. 1 in business licensing per capita worldwide


Belgian repertoire of more than 60,000 authors and more than 400 publishers


Virtually worldwide repertoire via 40 international agreements.


90% of bizili proceeds go to Belgian authors and publishers


More than 450 million EUR distributed since the start of Reprobel

bizili by Reprobel

bizili is a licence product of Reprobel CS.

Reprobel is a cooperative copyright management society of the Belgian authors and publishers. It is a ‘management company’ authorised by the Minister of Economy for the copyrighted text and image works in its national and international repertoire, such as specialist literature, scientific and educational works, fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, comics, poetry, quotes, press articles, photographs, illustrations, cartoons and lyrics.

Through its 15 member management organisations, Reprobel ensures that authors and publishers receive a fair remuneration for the use of their protected works by professional users in all sectors, including the digital world. So, what you pay to Reprobel is not a tax or duty.

Since its launch, Reprobel has already distributed more than 450 million EUR to rights holders. 90% of the distributed remunerations go to Belgian authors and publishers, making Reprobel an important driving force of the Belgian creative and information sector.

The licence fees of Reprobel and the way in which it collects, manages and distributes the remunerations are actively monitored the Control unit for collecting societies at the Ministry of Economy.